About the Silk Stocking District

The Silk Stocking District was formed in April, 1975, and was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in May, 1996. The neighborhood includes some of Galveston’s best examples of the Queen Anne style. Several homes within the district, because of their architectural and historical significance, have National Register status.

Although no record confirms the historic name of the Silk Stocking District, tradition ascribes this name to the neighborhood’s reputation as the home of Galveston’s prosperous families.

The SSNHD is roughly bounded by 25th Street (west), 23rd Street (east), Avenue P (south), and Avenue K (north).

Tucked between Broadway and Seawall Boulevard, the SSNHD boasts a varied collection of historic homes that reflect development from the Civil War through World War II. Outlined by Galveston’s other historic boulevard, Rosenberg (25th Street), SSNHD is roughly composed of fourteen blocks. SSNHD presents some of the best and affordable historic living Galveston has to offer with palm and oak lined streets, a trolley line, and a varied collection of stately manors, Victorian homesteads, and charming cottages. SSNHD reflects a diverse, welcoming community dedicated to preserving, revitalizing and protecting SSNHD’s historic and community character.


SSNHD has a unique sense of place and community, like all of Galveston’s historic districts. Homes and buildings located in SSNHD are protected from unsympathetic changes to surrounding properties, which may decrease property values or negatively affect the neighborhood. Numerous reports, including a case study of Galveston, have shown that a historic designation maintains or increases property values.

Due to SSNHD’s designation, our neighborhood is protected by city zoning ordinances to ensure the protection of SSNHD and Galveston’s Historic Heritage. SSNHD has enforceable regulations and requirements regarding the exterior alteration of properties within its boundaries.

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