About the Association

Comprised of neighborhood volunteers, the Silk Stocking National Historic District Neighborhood Association is an active 501 (c) (3) organization. The Associations purpose is to foster, promote, and engage in activities with the objective of preserving, maintaining, and protecting the historic and architectural values of structures and real estate located in the Silk Stocking Historic District and within the City of Galveston, Texas. The Association is supported by board appointed committees such as an events committee and beautification committee.

The Association collaborates with several Galveston organizations to support its purpose including the Galveston Historical Foundation and the Galveston Alliance of Island Neighborhoods (GAIN). Recently, SSNHD was presented with the “Proud Neighborhood” Award from Clean Galveston.


According to Silk Stocking bylaws, the purpose of the association is as follows:

a. To engage in activities with the objective of preserving, maintaining, and protecting the historic and architectural values of structures and real estate located in Silk Stocking and within the City and County of Galveston, Texas

b. To combat community deterioration and to conserve and improve the livability of the neighborhood environment in the District as well as the general historic atmosphere of the community as a whole

c. To foster and promote restoration and historical preservation of the structures in the Historic District

d. To educate and inform the public on all issues concerning historic preservation, restoration, maintenance and to encourage increased participation in activities whose purpose is such preservation, restoration and maintenance

e. To provide an organization to facilitate study, planning community education and action to accomplish historic preservation, restoration and maintenance

f. To raise funds to be used to support its purposes, to expend funds to accomplish its purposes and to contribute to the support of organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under applicable sections of the Internal Revenue code

Download bylaws by clicking here.


PresidentClaire Wilkins Ehrhardt  cgirl1955@aol.com
Vice PresidentCathy Conlon-Townsend  gkitty1719@att.net
SecretarySuzanne Kaboord  skaboord@utmb.edu
TreasurerDonna Spnecer  seaglassbelle@yahoo.com
MembershipLynn Eanes  jeanes8952@aol.com
At-LargeJim Wight  jwight@oceaneering.com
              Rod Young  rod46you@hotmail.com
Past PresidentBobby Joe Crocker  bobliz23@sbcglobal.net
GAIN RepresentativeSuzanne Kaboord  skaboord@utmb.edu
GHF RepresentativeCatherine Stroud  stroud11@hotmail.com



By becoming a member of the SSNHD Neighborhood Association, you are contributing to the ongoing preservation and revitalization efforts evident within Silk Stocking, the surrounding community, and Galveston Island. The Association serves not only as a community organization but as an advocate for SSNHD, its residents, and neighborhood livability in Galveston’s historic neighborhoods. As a SSNHD member, you will receive benefits that include invitations to regular neighborhood block parties, socials, and events as well as important updates on neighborhood and local Galveston news through email alerts, monthly newsletter for download, and the SSNHD web site.

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