X4 Labs Advanced Penis Extender Review

The X4 Labs penis extender is an all in one system that provides you with absolutely everything you will ever need for penis enlargement.

Penis traction devices, otherwise known as penis extenders are believed amongst most people to be the best and safest way to increase penis size and is also relatively cheap giving you an affordable way to a bigger penis.

The added advantage of this extender is the 3 in 1 Hybrid Support System which allows you to use either the traditional noose style or a comfort strap.


Are penis extenders recommended?

Yes, the X4 penis extender is recommended well by Doctors. It is a little known fact that after penis enlargement surgery a patient is required to wear a penis extender to enable maximum growth.

Will the X4 penis extender work for me?

X4 Labs are that sure that you will see gains they offer a full 180 day satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t see any penis length gains in your first 6 months then return the X4 penis enlarger to us and we will give you a refund.

With a 99% approval of our product we feel secure enough to do this. The X4 Labs Penis Extender also has a lifetime warranty as every single penis extender is checked before dispatch.

How To Use An X4 Penis Extender

Using an X4 Labs penis extender is easy. You fit the back piece over your penis and attach the strap just behind the glans. The bars fit into the piece that holds the strap and pushes out from the pelvic bone to the strap causing traction.

Basically what happens is when you wear an extender the cells break down and then with the extender holding your penis in an extended state the cells replicate to fill the penis. You can find more information at our main site at X4 Labs.

The Hybrid Support system is what sets this penis extender apart from others. Some prefer the noose style while others prefer the comfort strap, this combines both meaning better circulation and comfort.

Because these traction devices are made to be worn for hours at a time comfort is a major concern. In the old days the first extenders had a thick string to attach to the glans, this cut off circulation and was painful to wear.

What YOU Gain From X4 Labs Penis Extender

  • Better comfort for longer wear time

  • At least a 2 inch bigger penis

  • Curvature of the penis correction


What The X4 Penis Extender Includes

There are different options for the X4 Penis Extender All have the CE safety mark so you know you are getting a product safe to use, a valuable point considering the part of the body it’s used for.

The different options are useful as one is for people with a smaller penis, the maximum stretched length of 7 inches can be achieved which is about an average size penis.

The top option can go to a maximum stretched length of 15.5 inches but as well as the extra length there are loads of extra pieces of equipment.

Our rating for this penis stretcher

We gave this our second best rating at 91 out of 100.

This has been voted our best penis extender now with good results and now, for a limited time is even our cheapest penis extender with nearly $75 discount on the started kit making it just over $140.

This price has just gone up to $!40 from $125 after so much success and after Spike TV gave it such a great review. There are also rumours of it going up another $25 and the discount coming off so please check the price before buying.

For some people $140 is about 2 days work, would you work an extra 16 hours for a bigger penis? I know i would. These prices for the X4 Labs Penis Extender vary with the exchange rate. You can buy the X4 Labs Extender for between $140 and $495.