Size Genetics Penis Extender

The one thing agreed upon by Doctors and users alike is the importance of being comfortable when using a penis extender. The one problem facing the makers of these has been finding a balance between comfort and making sure they don’t slip and finally Size Genetics has come up with one that works perfectly.

This is down to the new 16 way system which has all the comfort you could need to wear for hours at a time while still gripping the penis even while it has enough tension on it to keep it stretched past it’s natural state. As an added incentive there is a limited discount available of $50 using code WORLD50.

SizeGenetics Working

We included the video above as it shows how the new 16 way system works far better than we could explain it. The video also includes other extras such as how well it was promoted by Jonathon Ross but the main reason for the video is to show you how the system works so it is well worth your time to watch it.

Does This Really Improve Stamina?

This is probably the least believed thing about extenders but yes it does. The thing is with a bigger penis you can insert it while being semi hard and use physical ways to go the rest of the way but with a smaller penis you have to flex muscles to get hard which means you’ve already started down the ejaculatory path. Ask someone who has taken something like Viagra and they will all say they last longer in bed, this is the reason.

What You Get From SizeGenetics

  • More confidence in yourself
  • More stamina in bed
  • Between 1-3 inches extra within 6 months
  • A thicker penis

Why Buy SizeGenetics?

There are plenty of reasons such as a good guarantee, that it works better and many others but it was explained better by a certain presenter. On Jonathon Ross when the SizeGenetics was reviewed he called it the Rolls Roycs of penis extenders. It can do everything the others can and so much moreand has many extras.

Explain The 16 Way System

The 16 way system is basically the name for the attachment that fits behind the glans. This is the most important part of any extender and they have made this so flexible it can be used by anyone.

It has already been stated that comfort is the most important aspect for penis enlargement. If you want to wear one for 6 hours a day but need a rest of 30 minutes after every hour you would need about 9 hours to do the 6 whereas with this extender you could possibly do it all in the 6 hours.

What Are The Extras?

The extras can include membership to Penis Health Online, a DVD, traction plus powder and aftercare plus a few others things. All of these will speed up your gains and even give you a little extra but the extras you get depends on what package you take out.

What Guarantee Will I Get?

Size Genetics comes with a full 180 day money back guarantee. They really are that confident that it will work for you that they feel they can give this.

What Does MDA Stand For?

It’s a technical term that broken down means you can wear the extender in different positions, great for wearing under clothes etc. It also helps with Peyronies disease where you can wear it against the curve. The more time you use it the more it will correct the curve.

Size Genetics Medically Certified?

It is a medical type 1 device which means it has been certified by doctors as having medical benefits. Some others have this too but there are a lot of cheap versions out there using low grade material that can leave cuts and break easily.

Prices And Delivery

Prices range from $199.95 and $389.95 which is about £125 to £250. The code WORLD50 also give a $50 discount, about £32. Along with being the best it is now amongst the cheapest especially while the discount code lasts.