Penis Extender FAQ

Q: What is the minimum size of a penis I can use the extender with?

A: Any penis longer than 1.5 inches flaccid shouldn’t have any problems.

Q: What happens if it becomes painful with the penis extender on?

A: All of these extenders can be made longer or shorter so you can ease the tension just by loosening it off but if it’s still painful after that take it off for a while.

Q: How long before i see penis growth?

A: That all depends. Which extender you buy will make a difference, also how long you wear the device for, how much tension you use but probably most important is how consistent you are.

Q: Is there anything else I can do to speed things up?

A: The one thing we recommend is doing some penis exercises called jelqs. Jelqs are very well known now and break down the cells so the extender keeps your penis extended while the cells repair. This has been well known to help speed things up and improve the results. You can find more information by clicking on the penis exercises link on the sidebar.

Q: Can I wear the device while sleeping?

A: That’s complicated, some say yes and some say no. If you lie on your side it’s possible but some people worry about the night-time erections. Obviously if  you use the noose type then your penis expands while having an erection  the blood is closed off from the head and can be really painful, also hard to release but other types can be ok.

Q: Can stretching the penis weaken my erections?

A: No, in fact because of the extra blood flowing into the penis you will see a big improvement in hardness and how easy it is to go again.

Q: I’ve heard the extender can cure a curvature of the penis, is this true?

A: Yes, it definitely can. The penis extender uses bars either side that as well as stretching the penis holds it straight so this can cure curvature.