Penis Enlargement Methods

Penis Pumps

These are great for temporary gains but there has been no proof shown that any gains are permanent. Also you need to be cautious as discolouring as shown in the picture is not uncommon and even getting lumps on the penis which can be that severe even urinating can be very painful.


Weights are the closest thing to the extenders and have had some success in getting some decent gains. The only problem with weights is the damage that can be done from where the weights attach to the penis. This can be where the penis skins down or deforms and flops to one side. Sex is very difficult when this happens.


Penis pills are a great way of helping penis gains but on their own they just won’t help. Even though the picture shows they do work what they don’t mention is they advise you to use other methods alongside the pills. In fact almost every other way advises exercises alongside them.


Now this is one other way that does work. Something that is little known though is that doctors tell you to use a traction device, in other words an extender, for a few months after surgery to ensure the largest gains. People who haven’t used the traction device have gained as little as half a inch, basically what you would get from cutting the cord that raises the penis.

Apart from penis extenders the only other method worth mentioning of making your penis bigger is penis exercises. While these have been known to make gains even on their own they do work better with an extender. Most exercises are used to break down the cells and then when they regrow it’s hoped that the cells will divide and multiply.

What most people on forums are starting to realise is that when the cells are broken down if the penis is extended when the cells repair then they will have to replicate to fill the extended penis and then they stay there so when the extender is removed there are more cells in the penis making it bigger. Of course, you won’t notice a few cells extra in size but over time this is noticeable.