JES Penis Extender

The Jes Extender is one of the more famous penis enlargement devices on the market and also one of the most trusted.

They have a great name for quality and service and this device was made famous by the report of one man from Canada managing to gain 4 inches in under 3 weeks to go from 5 inches to 9 inches.

This was the start of a meteoric spread of news about the Jes penis extender which has made the JES so well known.

Can I Expect These Gains?

The example above is not an average of the amount of penis size you can gain. This guy is one of the fastest and best gainers ever, the average is closer to 2 inches over a few months.

Another thing with the JES penis extender is that they have 4 different models ranging in price so there’s something for everyone. The more expensive ones obviously provide better support and comfort with a better strap and extra pieces and a lot of other things.

What YOU Gain From JES Penis Extender

  • Up to 3 inches length gain
  • Curvature correction
  • More confidence

More info on this cheap penis extender can be found here

Will I Definitely Gain?

JES are so sure that you will gain using the JES Penis Extender that they provide a money back twice guaranteeif you fail to gain using it. The kit includes a training package telling you how to do it and also an online training site that allows you to enter your details as well as offers help and advice.

A Popular Penis Extender

The Jes Penis Extender is small and easy to use and the penis length gains are easily verifiable online as are the girth gains.

Extenders are very popular nowadays overtaking the old penis pumps and penis pills are available as a supplement to the extender.The one thing most people advise is that the cells be broken down first then the extender placed on.

This allows the cells to rebuild while the penis is in an extended state and the cells double up to increase in size.

The cells can be broken down using the jelq method described in the penis exercises section on the sidebar. It’s not only the erect penis that grows, the flacid will grow as well but obviously a 2 inch growth from 6in in erect state is a third bigger while a 4 in flacid will grow by 50%.

Our rating for this penis stretcher

We have given this penis stretcher 82 out of 100

We found this extender to be fine and does what it says but it has no extras to the other penis stretchers available even though it is comparable in price. You can buy the JES Penis Extender for for between $249 and $499 though the platinum plated one is about $1399.