Euro Extender Penis Extender

The Euro Extender is a great complete penis extender system available at a very cheap price. This is one of the cheapest penis extenders available that comes with a comfort strap which allows the wearer to use it for longer periods.

The comfort strap on the Euro Extender is 1 inch thick spreading the pressure over a wider area than the standard noose type.

This excellent traction device is a proven penis enlargement system that has been tested and is now used by men all over the world. Cheap penis extenders are easy to come by but they are usually built to a lesser quality and have the noose type fitting making prolonged wear almost impossible.

This cheap penis extender can even be worn overnight thanks to its amazing comfort strap making it ideal for people who want a bigger penis but haven’t got enough time to wear it through the day.

What YOU Gain From X4 Labs Penis Extender

  • Curvature correction
  • At least 2 inches bigger penis
  • More confidence

Do I Really Want A Bigger Penis?

There aren’t many men around at the moment who wouldn’t want a bigger penis. Even those with 8 or 9 inches think they could do better with a bigger penis, some even think of themselves as small. Whatever your reason the Euro Extender can solve you problems.

The amount you gain is equivalent to the amount of time you spend wearing the penis extender which is why this product with such a great comfort strap is one of the best buys around.

How Does It Work?

The Euro extender works by putting the plastic ring over your penis pushed against the pelvic bone. You then adjust the silicone comfort strap behind your glans (penis head) before slotting the bars between the base and strap.

You can adjust the bars to give between 1.5lbs and 3.5lbs of pressure. That’s almost the same as a bag of sugar constantly pulling your penis.

How Will This Help?

If you can imagine what having a bag of sugar hanging from your penis would do for you then you will get an idea of what to expect.

This cheap traction device is so good you get a 180 day satisfaction guarantee, that’s how confident they are that you will make significant penis length gains.

What You Get With The Euro Extender

This depends as the Euro Extender has different options but all options come with a fully assembled extender with super comfort strap, instruction booklet, comfort pad, cd and a lifetime guarantee.

Type 1 Medical Device

The Euro Extender is classed as a type 1 medical device meaning it has been certified by doctors. These doctors that do penis surgery for instance require you to use a penis extender that is type 1 certified for a period after the operation, that’s how important they see these penis extenders.

This is a great product that comes with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects so you know you will be getting a quality product..

The Euro Extender is also from the same manufacturer as the X4 Penis Extender so quality is guaranteed as every single one is inspected before shipping.

What can I expect from this penis extender?

That depends on how long you wear it for but within 6 months of standard wear you can expect up to a 30% penis length gain. This product can also correct any penis curvature you may have again lengthening the penis and making different positions easier to get into.

The fact that this traction device can be worn at night means that anyone can now wear a penis extender for a minimum of 6 hours a day and at this price it’s affordable for everyone.

Our rating for this penis stretcher

We have given this 83 out of 100

The cheapest option is  about $220, the gold option includes loads of spare parts meaning you can get a stretched flaccid of up to 13.5 inches as opposed to 10.5 inches with the basic version. Anyone needing more than 13.5 inches seriously needs to rethink what is too big for a woman to handle. You can buy the Euro Extender Penis Extender for between $220 and $250.