Penis Enlargement Methods

Penis Pumps

These are great for temporary gains but there has been no proof shown that any gains are permanent. Also you need to be cautious as discolouring as shown in the picture is not uncommon and even getting lumps on the penis which can be that severe even urinating can be very painful.


Weights are the closest thing to the extenders and have had some success in getting some decent gains. The only problem with weights is the damage that can be done from where the weights attach to the penis. This can be where the penis skins down or deforms and flops to one side. Sex is very difficult when this happens.


Penis pills are a great way of helping penis gains but on their own they just won’t help. Even though the picture shows they do work what they don’t mention is they advise you to use other methods alongside the pills. In fact almost every other way advises exercises alongside them.


Now this is one other way that does work. Something that is little known though is that doctors tell you to use a traction device, in other words an extender, for a few months after surgery to ensure the largest gains. People who haven’t used the traction device have gained as little as half a inch, basically what you would get from cutting the cord that raises the penis.

Apart from penis extenders the only other method worth mentioning of making your penis bigger is penis exercises. While these have been known to make gains even on their own they do work better with an extender. Most exercises are used to break down the cells and then when they regrow it’s hoped that the cells will divide and multiply.

What most people on forums are starting to realise is that when the cells are broken down if the penis is extended when the cells repair then they will have to replicate to fill the extended penis and then they stay there so when the extender is removed there are more cells in the penis making it bigger. Of course, you won’t notice a few cells extra in size but over time this is noticeable.

My penis extender progress

I have owned this site for a while now and the question most asked is do penis extenders work? The thing is just saying yes doesn’t work, people want proof and I have decided to give them that. I ordered an X4 Labs Deluxe Penis Extender on Thursday which arrived on Saturday from Canada to the Uk (amazing in itself). I found one problem straight away when trying it on, I pinched the skin of the penis when pulling the strap tight because I hadn’t used the foam sleeve they provided. Anyway, in the video you will see I’ve used an old latex sleeve I already had but an old sock or the foam they provide works to stop any pinching.

It will work like this, tomorrow I will post the video which will show measurements and how to use the extender. These measurements will be easily read and this way you will be able to tell if i’ve gained rather than 2 pictures which people always say, well, they could be 2 different people. This video will leave no doubt. I have full confidence this will work which is the only reason I am allowing any video of my penis on the net, especially video of my erect penis.

I will follow their schedule which means wk1 of 1 hour a day at 900gms to wk8 6 hours a day at 1200gms. 6hrs isn’t a problem as this can be worn overnight if needed and I will explain the tension settings in the video post tomorrow. The video will show me using the standard head attachment as they all have that one but for the report I will be using the extra head attachment which comes with the Deluxe, it has room for an extra strap which makes it easier to use.
For those needing absolute proof that penis extenders do work then keep checking the site, I will be able to prove my results.

Starting today

I have shown above how to put on the X4, it’s very easy, the white latex is there just to stop pinching the skin and anything will do for that even an old sock. Once you have it on you can adjust it using 2 different screws on the side which can add about 1.5 inches as well as the 1 inch you get from compressing the springs. This means you can tighten the strap and stretch an extra 2.5 inches minimum. The stretch is received using the 2 screws either side which you can see at the end of the video. The lines on the bars equate to 600gms each. If you have 2 lines showing you are exerting 600gms of pressure on the penis, no lines showing means 1.8kgs, almost a bag of sugar hanging from your penis as long as you want.

If you look at my measurements (i know it’s not very good quality video but had to keep the size down) you can see i use bone pressed (bpel) measurements. The ruler is pushed into the fat pad, about half inch in my case, right to the pubic bone and you measure from there. I measure 6.5 inches in length so really it’s only 6 inches but bpel allows you exact figures. When you look at the video it isn’t very clear but on the other side of the ruler you will see quite clearly the 13 and 14cm mark, just check a ruler and you’ll see that’s opposite the 6.5inch mark. I also measure 5.625 to 5.75 girth.

This week i am doing 5 minutes warmup, 10 minutes jelqs and 5 minutes of stretching then putting on the X4 for 1 hour as in the schedule. I will measure at the end of the week and post my results but video won’t be done until the end of the month.

Update 1

I have stuck to the schedule and haven’t missed any time at all. I have said I would only measure every Monday and will stick to that however it does feel and look a little bigger when flaccid. I can’t say much about when it’s erect but the way I see it is if I am to gain the 2 inches in 4 months then that’s just half inch gain in penis length every week which not many people would notice just from looking.

Also they tell you to start of with 1 hour per day but also state that the recommended time is 3 hours per day so the first two weeks are more sort of to acclimatise you to wearing the X4 Labs Penis Extender than to actual gains. I expect to see more gains after the 3rd week then before it. I will measure now on Monday and let you know if I have a bigger penis, however small the gain may be.

Update 2

My net is down so this will be short gained an eigth in length but no girth.

Update 3

I never did the post on Thursday because still using iPhone. Happy today though as I measured and up from 6.5 to 6.8 inches penis length and gained about 0.2 inches in penis girth now as well to nearly 6 inches

Update 4

Still on iPhone so short post again. Was going to do video today but can’t upload via phone. Made vid ready though and will post Friday when net sorted. Figures are great though, length now over 6.9inches as vid will show and girth now 6inches, also flacid looks way better. Vid on Friday and then posts updated better, sorry for short posts, can’t wait for net to be sorted

Update 5

This is the video to show how much I have grown, it shows the measurements but I have to say my biggest gauge has been the wife who mentions quite often the difference in looks and the feel of it. Apart from the extra half inch penis length gain the extra quarter inch penis girth gain is very noticeable to her. In face she says the girth gain is more noticeable than the length. I have included some pics below showing the difference up close in just a month. Usually I don’t believe these sort of pics which is why i included the video even though it takes a while to load.


Flaccid length (didn’t measure)           After 1 month


Erect girth 5.75                                        After 1 month girth 6 inches


Erect length 6.5 inch bpel                    after 1 month bpel 7

So I have gained quarter inch girth and half inch length which is what I was told to expect and after the 4 months if it carries on this way I will have an 8.5 inch penis in length and 6.75 girth, more than enough for any woman.

Update 6

Well, it’s been 5 weeks and some good and bad signs. Still gaining but not just in length as i wanted but also in girth which i don’t really want just now. I’ve gone up to just below 7.2 inches penis length showing an over length gain of nearly 0.7 inches in 5 weeks, need 1 inch in 8 weeks to be on schedule so looking good. I also gained in girth, penis girth is now 6.125 inches or 6 and 1 eighth making an over girth gain of 3 eigth or .375 inches. This may sound good but some women don’t like it too thick, my wife is one of them. She’s already moaning (complaining is better word) about it getting to be too thick).

The thing is as with most things they look dumpy when thicker eg a size 12 girl looks a lot fitter on a 6 foot girl than a 5 foot girl. I’ve also heard it’s easier to gain length with a thinner penis as it’s less to stretch like a thin elastic band is easier to stretch than a thicker one. I shouldn’t complain really because i eventually wanted a 9×7 penis but at this rate it’s going to be 8×7. Anyway, I’m on schedule so I really should stop moaning about gaining girth too fast. Next report on Thursday on may wait till Monday but as of now my penis gains are nearly point 7 inch length and .375 girth.

Update 7

Well, things have slowed a bit from last week but still on target. I measure 7.3 inches penis length and 6 1/4 girth, the girth seems to fluctuate a bit though. That’s a gain of just 0.1 inches length this week and a quarter inch girth. Must say though that the girth gains are so much more noticeable to me and the mrs.

I need to get to 7.5 in 2 weeks which I am well on target for so should be easy. The girth I don’t really care about, in fact I was happy enough where I started with girth so it’s just an added bonus.

Update 8

Can’t believe it’s been seven weeks and have to say when I look at it weekly I feel disappointed even though I am gaining. I mean 0.1 inch doesn’t sound much and each week I have to look back at how I started and what it was like to realise how much it’s grown. A bit like kids, if you have your own kids you hardly see them growing but if you see a kid after a year or so you really see how much they’ve grown.

My measurements this week are as expected, just above 7.4 inches length now which is the 0.1 penis gain, girth hasn’t shifted though which I am quite happy about. As mentioned before the thicker it is supposedly the harder it is to gain length so I will be happy if I don’t grow any more girth till the length hits over 8 inches. Next week is the next video proof and you will see the difference on there.

I may sound upset but really am happy with the way it’s progressing and must say that I am looking forward to end of September when it should be 8.5 inches, may even quit then. One thing I would have done differently if starting now is jumping up in 30 minutes every week as this 5 hour thing is a long time to be wearing this especially if you work, the night time wear is all that makes it doable so instead of an extra hour a week I think an extra 30 mins a week would be better, too late for me now though.