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You no longer have to be ashamed at the size of your penis. The average man can now afford to enlarge his penis the best and quickest way naturally. For many years penis extenders were only available as a luxury item for $300 – 400, you can now get a cheap penis extender device for just $99.

Imagine a new, more confident and sexually successful you for just $99

The X4 Labs extender is our #1 one rated cheap penis extender based on quality, user reviews, effectiveness and price. At only $99 the X4 Labs is the cheapest certifed and CE approved penis enlargement device on the market. Read our full review

Clinically proven cheap penis extenders

All of the above extenders are of a high quality, have undergone clinical testing and are proven to work. Cheaper, inferior devices may be found on Ebay but they don’t come with a guarantee, haven’t been tested and probably won’t work. A penis extender is a professional medical device product that has to undergo proper trials and testing.

How penis extenders work

Penis extenders use the principle of traction. Traction is used by plastic surgeon and in reconstructive surgery through-out the world. By stretching the penis slowly over time this stimulates the cells in the penis and causes them to multiply after they have broken down. The new cell growth fills in the tissue that has been stretched.

Girth as well as Length

Most men that use a penis extender will gain an average of 1 – 2 inches in length as well as an average inch in girth. As the penis is stretched and new cells grow this thickens the penis. Your penis will become longer and thicker.

Be wary of penis enlargement scammers

Since the rise of the internet the penis enlargement market has boomed. Scammers all over the world have taken advantage of this by trying to sell you cheap, untested and even dangerous pills, extenders and patches. Follow our simple steps to avoid being caught out by unlawful marketers

1. Ignore and delete any kind of spam email you recieve. Spam is illegal, no professional company advertises like this.

2. If the product hasn’t been tested or doesn’t have a list of ingredients then it probably doesn’t work and might be dangerous.

3. Check which country the company are based in – countries like America, the UK and Canada have tighter laws.

Enjoy a bigger penis & a new you

Imagine how it will feel when you undress in front of a new lover with your bigger penis or walk into a bar knowing you’ve got the equipment to satisfy any woman in there.

Women can feel that kind of confidence and self worth in a man and it is very appealing to them. You can have all this for as little as $99 with cheap penis extender X4 Labs. The quickest way to getting big.

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